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Get your Pirate Garb!

We are so excited about our new venture with ATC (Applied Technology Center) to provide IHES spirit wear.

ATC has started a student driven "company" which utilizes the classes they are taking at ATC. The Digital Art and Design students come up with designs, the Graphic Arts students are producing the t-shirts, Marketing students help with marketing and setting prices, the Computer Technology students are doing website development, and the Logistics & Distribution students will handle filling orders and delivery.  This partnership is a win for everyone involved because students get to learn business skills with real world e-commerce, we get very affordable school spirit wear, and we are supporting students at ATC.

The site is very user friendly and there are 2 shipping options, 1) to have orders shipped to our school for free, or 2) have them shipped to their home for standard shipping prices.

There are several designs available and t-shirts are available in red, black, and gray. The students will be adding new designs periodically as well. We are really excited about the pricing! :) All short sleeve t-shirts are $10, long sleeve are $15, and hoodies are $20.

Another pretty cool thing is that our t-shirts were designed by a former India Hook Elementary student, Giovanna Strollo.